Jewellery brand releases one-of-a-kind collection using rare, irregular shaped pearls.

Jewellery brand releases one-of-a-kind collection using rare, irregular shaped pearls.

Pearl specialist, Pearl-Lang has released its empowering new jewellery collection incorporating Keshi pearls, a rare type of pearl that forms naturally and is completely unique. For women who want to define their character and connect with nature, the 10-piece Baroque line includes necklaces and bracelets that spotlight the freeform, captivating beauty of this utterly unique petite pearls.

Keshi pearls, also known as seed pearls, are entirely freeform and don’t include any of the bead nuclei that is often found is saltwater pearls, meaning that they are 100% natural. Harnessing this authentic beauty in its new Baroque collection, each exquisite Pearl-Lang piece plays up the natural formation of the pearls. The result is a unique aesthetic, with each powerful piece in the range boasting a number of superior qualities, including an intense lustre and a long-lasting nature.

While most people are used to seeing classic white, round pearls, the Keshi pearl used throughout the Pearl-Lang Baroque collection stands out due to the cornucopia of shapes and hues. Pearls are synonymous with femininity and elegance and while each Baroque necklace and bracelet embodies those qualities, it will also represent a more contemporary type of elegance due to the irregular contours of each lustrous sphere.

Founder and managing director of Pearl-Lang, Lulu Tyers said, “We are so excited about our new collection of jewellery and we hope that these pieces will be worn by women of all ages who gravitate towards elegance but still want to add a modern touch to their look. What’s so great about this collection of jewellery is its uniqueness; each piece is different and you’ll never find two Keshi pearls that are identical. I think that this is a really important component in this collection as it represents today’s culture of individuality. Everyone is trying to stand out and by choosing Keshi pearls as opposed to the classic white pearls you will be making a statement while still retaining an air of classic beauty.”

Pearl-Lang’s collection pays homage to the modern woman, with pieces that encourage the wearer to express their beauty, confidence and individuality through each statement accessory.

The collection includes an exotic, dramatic Flora Lavender pearl necklace, an eye-catching Muse Lavander pearl bracelet with statement-making orient, and a double-strand, utterly feminine Bella double Keshi pearl bracelet. “Each pearl used in every Baroque piece is painstakingly sourced from high quality freshwater pearl harvests.  For more information and to browse the Baroque collection in full visit the website