John Lewis Closures Create Opportunity for More Innovative Experiences says Retail Group

John Lewis Closures Create Opportunity for More Innovative Experiences says Retail Group

Fast growing retail group, Inc Retail says the closure of eight more John Lewis stories creates an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking retailers to develop more innovative high street experiences for modern shoppers.

In every space that is left empty by a traditional retailer, disruptive brands and organisations from across the retail, hospitality and leisure spectrums have a chance to deliver outstanding new experiences to tempt consumers back to the high street and away from the conveniences of ecommerce, says Inc Retail managing director, Dan Shaw.

“The traditional high street model needs to change – and quickly – for brands to survive. In the last week alone, Tui and John Lewis, two stalwarts of Britain’s retail industry have thrown in the towel on physical spaces. We believe this shows that models simply must change. This isn’t the death of the high street as I’ve said before, but I see a very real opportunity for brands with new ideas to move into those spaces and bring the innovation to the retail sector – and shoppers – are begging for.

“Events, hybrid spaces, experiential, immersive experiences, better technology – there is so much more that can be done and should be done and retailers who aren’t tied to that outdated model of a physical location being a stagnant space where goods are presented will be the ones who survive in the face of increasing competition from ecommerce. To tempt shoppers away from their computers and mobile devices, landlords with big retail spaces like department stores need to be much more creative in their approach to offer an experience, a consumer just can’t say no to.”

Inc Retail is already working on an exciting new retail concept which we will deliver on its vision of innovative experiences for high street shoppers, to debut later this year, in major shopping centre locations.

Inc Retail is a retail-focused business group and a pioneer in the retail space.

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