KAIZEN Launches Concrete Polishing for Warehouses Floors

KAIZEN Launches Concrete Polishing for Warehouses Floors

One of the largest industrial building cleaning companies in the UK has added another string to its already sparkling bow. KAIZEN Industrial Group is already well established in the warehouse support sector and looks set to cement this further with the addition of concrete polishing to its roster of services.

Partnering with Danish company Becosan, which has developed a system for fast effective floor refurbishment, KAIZEN will operate the patented system that has been designed to grind and polish industrial concrete floor surfaces. The system addresses the common issues businesses face with concrete floors, such as dust, dirt and wear, the unique system offers up a eight step procedure to eliminate dust and cleaning problems by grinding and polishing the concrete floor.

Managing Director, Rob Burnett said, “We’re very excited to expand our services in this sector. We firmly believe that the benefits of the Becosan system will bring value to property owners and their tenants and will eventually be the gold standard for warehouse floors. A recent study found that lighting costs were reduced by around 30% just from the light reflection of a polished floor – which makes this a service that literally pays for itself.”

The system is mounted on ride-on power trowels. Easily manoeuvred, it smooths out concrete surfaces, ensuring they’re both smooth and even, while the densifier and protective sealers harden and seal the surface against spillages and traffic.

Water based solutions then penetrate and react with the calcium and hydroxide contained in the surface. Causing a reaction that produces a denser concrete surface, it reduces abrasion wear and dust, and increases the resistance of the floor’s surface. Providing long-term results, businesses can rest assured that this impregnation system is slip-free, guaranteeing the safety of workers.

Having been trading for more than 20 years, KAIZEN has built up a strong reputation for being the go-to for businesses looking to clean and refurbish buildings across the UK and Europe. And this latest expansion is set to cement its future in the warehouse sector too.

To find out more about KAIZEN and their commitment to bringing buildings back to life, visit the website: http://www.kaizengroup.co.uk