Kandoo Foundation provides computers for Mlang’a School Project

Kandoo Foundation provides computers for Mlang’a School Project

The Kandoo Foundation continues to support local community projects in Tanzania by providing computers for the students and teachers at Mlang’a Secondary School in Marangu district.

Funded and managed entirely by Kandoo Adventures, the Foundation invests in projects that benefit the destinations where Kandoo operates. Previous projects have included building a playground in Nepal and investing in an accessible clean water project in rural Tanzania.

“Computers are absolutely necessary in today’s fast-paced world,” said Paul Deakin, Managing Director of Kandoo Adventures. “We were very happy to be involved in such a great project, which will see students at the school—of which 90% are from low-income families—become computer literate before graduation.”

The Kandoo Foundation were able to give 8 computers and a printer to the school, living up to their motto of ‘enriching lives through adventure’. 100% of all money raised by the Kandoo Foundation, which comes from Kandoo Adventures’shareholders , goes towards supporting worthy projects.

These computers will be the beginning of a computer lab, which the school has been trying to build for years. Education is a huge priority for the Kandoo Foundation, so being able to provide the school with so much equipment is a point of pride. Although most children in urbanised areas will be comfortable with using a PC, children in more rural areas like Mlang’a will probably never have used a computer before, or might not have even seen one.

“The computers will improve teaching at the school,” said Z. R. Mhadisa, headteacher at Mlang’a Secondary School. “Teachers are now able to generate teaching material, and also use material available to enhance their classroom teaching process.”