Karmaconcinnity delivers tailored self-development programme to transform market

Karmaconcinnity delivers tailored self-development programme to transform market

The self-help market has long been flooded with services claiming to transform lives, but now a new bespoke approach could totally revamp the industry. Karmaconcinnity is set to take the sector by storm with its completely tailored and targeted method of supporting self-development goals through an innovative online platform.

Globally the self-help industry is worth billions every year, tapping into the desire to make positive changes and achieve ambitions. But Karmaconcinnity uses a unique concept to deliver effective results. Effortlessly blending the powerful therapeutic techniques with big business thinking and marketing strategies has resulted in a one of a kind programme. Rather than solely focussing on positivity, Karmaconcinnity helps users identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to recognise the development steps they need to take in order to prosper and meet their aims.

Phil Rogerson, Founder and Marketing Director of Karmaconcinnity, said, “Many self-help programmes tend to focus on a method that fosters a positive mind frame but this is just one part of the process that’s needed to take the necessary steps forward. What’s more, prescribing a one size fits all programme doesn’t address the challenges, opportunities, or personal ambitions of each person, meaning its effect is limited. Recognising these restrictions, we created Karmaconcinnity to take a big picture approach that is uniquely customised to each and every user.”

It’s the starting stages that set Karmaconcinnity apart. The first step for new users is to complete a psychometric test, giving the programme the insights it needs to identify personality traits and overall sentiments. Users then enter the ‘create’ stage, a process that helps them to identify their values, skills, strengths, and goals. With a clear target in mind, the Karmaconcinnity community receives daily actionable exercises to complete, all of which are carefully selected to reflect the needs and targets of each user. The aim of the online programme is to not only foster positivity but equip each person with all the necessary skills for success.

To find out more visit www.karmaconcinnity.com/.