Kidibank™ the positive parenting app: financial education made simple

Kidibank™ the positive parenting app: financial education made simple

The Kidibank™ app is a new, fun and practical allowance tracker with a raft of features to support financial education and other areas of childhood development, the ultra-practical platform is set to become an integral part of family routines across the country and aid positive parenting.

Parents worldwide are recognising the importance of improving financial acumen and healthy habits from a young age but it’s a task many have found challenging. The team behind Kidibank™ have developed useful technology features to benefit parents and children alike. The app has been designed as a handy way for parents to keep track of allowances and screen time, reinforce positive behavior and give children more responsibility while teaching them about money, budgeting, and saving with virtual currencies.

Celine Delasalle, Co-founder of Kidibank™ and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, said, “My husband and I came up with the idea of Kidibank™ when we were introducing pocket money to our own daughter. It was a challenge to not only keep track of her allowance and rewards but to positively encourage her behavior and habits too, whilst keeping a tab on screen time. We couldn’t find a solution that met all our needs and knew other parents could benefit from a practical, simple to use tool. Through working with child psychologists and educators, Kidibank™ was created to boost financial education and support families in giving their children more responsibilities and independence.”

The app features two separate interfaces, designed to appeal to both parents and children uses. The user-friendly parent interface makes it easy to track each child’s balances, earnings, and savings, as well as setting goals (from household responsibilities to personal development objectives) and limiting screen time. The child orientated side of the app features fun, animated characters to boost engagement and gently encourage. It also clearly lets children see how they are progressing towards goals. The app’s ‘Big Days’ feature is guaranteed to be useful for birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations, allowing relatives to directly transfer money to the child’s event via the subscriber’s account, eliminating unwanted presents and cash that could get lost.

The app has a single, annual subscription charge of US$12.99, with no advertisements, in-app purchases or third party involvement contained within the platform. A one month free trial lets parents test the platform before confirming the subscription. Each family subscription can be synced with up to four adults and six children and works cross-platforms.

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