KIKIITO Debuts AW19 JO-NETSU Collection

KIKIITO Debuts AW19 JO-NETSU Collection

The Japanese born, London-based artisan and designer, Kiki Ito has unveiled her brand-new collection of luxurious, contemporary bags inspired by her childhood passion for gymnastics.

The AW19 JO-NETSU collection references the concepts of determination and suppleness, juxtaposing modern aesthetics and materials with applied craftsmanship. Minimalist in design and adornment yet inherently strong and flexible thanks to the symbolic use of flexible neoprene rubber cord, JO-NETSU empowers wearers to create their own effortless style.

Kiki Ito spent over a decade working for well-known brands and independent designers before creating her eponymous label, instantly recognisable for its pared back aesthetic and philosophy of encouraging women to “just be you”.

The AW19 collection includes six designs, each available in a limited selection of colourways. Each piece, from the large Link clutch and the sculptural Shokupan to the roomy Fukuro tote incorporates a flexible neoprene rubber cord which pays homage to Kiki’s passion for gymnastics and hours of training. The supple cord is unexpectedly combined with high quality, fine Italian leather to create the signature Kiki Ito sports luxe finish.

The designer says, “I was hugely inspired by my childhood passion for gymnastics when designing JO-NETSU and wanted to bring this to life in my designs. I wanted to incorporate the principles determination and suppleness too, not only as a physical flexibility but also to represent the internal strength and beauty that I learn through my gymnastic training and path in life. The neoprene cord featured in each design is the embodiment of this and fits perfectly with the classic, uncluttered shapes synonymous with KIKIITO.”

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