Koua Studio Launches Environmentally Conscious Resell Platform to Promote Sustainable Fashion

Koua Studio Launches Environmentally Conscious Resell Platform to Promote Sustainable Fashion

The founder of London-based fashion and textile brand, KOUA Studio, has announced the launch of a new resell platform which gives customers the chance to buy second-hand items at affordable prices to stop the cycle of fast fashion and excessive waste.

My Clothier is the latest initiative from sustainable fashion influencer and entrepreneur, Erika Alvarez. Sharing her passion for ethical fashion and female empowerment, My Clothier will live on Alvarez’s website and will showcase a selection of her wardrobe with brands ranging from independent designers like Self Portrait and Victoria Beckham to luxury brands like Hermes, Fendi, and Prada.

The KOUA founder has already made a splash in the fashion industry for being outspoken on the topic of sustainability and pushing to support communities through sourcing sustainable, handmade materials from talented Mexican artisans. With a focus on its core morals, KOUA has been a breath of fresh air in an industry that is so heavily plagued with overconsumption and extreme levels of waste.

All the items included in My Clothier are garments that have been worn either a few times or have been previously repaired, meaning their quality is just like new. As part of the circular fashion initiative, My Clothier empowers fashion fans to shop pre-loved items and reduce the carbon footprint of each garment by as much as 82%.

In the fashion industry, the trend circuit runs very fast which leads to very high levels of consumption, and even higher rates of wastage as people throw away items that are no longer ‘on trend’.

Erika Alvarez, CEO of Koua Studio said, “My Clothier was built with sustainability and empowerment at its heart. It allows my community to buy my pre-owned luxury items at more affordable prices. Buying fewer clothes with longer durability is the best way to reduce climate impact. It not only saves resources, but it also prevents more textile waste. For me personally, I think investing in high quality, luxury clothing is a great decision as they can be resold and encourages people to focus on quality over quantity.”

Fashion fans will be able to snap up promo codes and free delivery to Alvarez’s native Mexico will be offered on select items.

For more information about KOUA and My Clothier, visit: https://www.erika-alvarez.com/myclothier