Koua Studio Partners with Gent London to Create Unique Sustainable Fashion

Koua Studio Partners with Gent London to Create Unique Sustainable Fashion

Koua Studio, a London-based textile brand creating sustainable, handmade materials with help from talented artisans in Mexico, has announced a new collaboration with Gent London; the UK’s clothing customisation leader.

Koua Studio’s founder, Erika Alvarez, has long believed in the power of collaboration, and the new partnership will further promote the importance of sustainability in a world dominated by harmful fast fashion.

Gent London works with renowned artists from all over the world to customise high quality, recycled vintage clothing with unique expressions and messages. The partnership will include an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind designs that reduce the number of items ending up in landfill while providing consumers with new, ethical ways to update their wardrobes. Gent London has previously worked with high profile artists such as Sophie Mess, Gemma Grao, and Emma Gibbons, upcycling clothing to create custom pieces with eye-catching designs.

The limited edition Koua Studio x Gent London collection will launch later this year. The studio’s luxury textiles will be used to develop standout pieces that are 100% wearable while also being sustainable, supporting climate change efforts, and showcasing the very best of artisan talents from across Mexico.

For this collaboration, Gent London has also teamed up with Catch22 in London; a charity that works with vulnerable young people to inspire the next generation of powerful change makers. Additionally, a percentage of all sales of the collection will be donated to organisations helping to reduce the impact of climate change and build a brighter future for everyone.

Erika Alvarez, CEO of Koua Studio said, “I believe in the power of collaboration, and I’m very excited to show off these limited edition pieces. They showcase not only the work of renowned artists but also the cultural heritage of our textiles. By buying our limited edition pieces, shoppers are investing in a piece of art while simultaneously helping to fight against climate change. These pieces also contribute to the eradication of poverty in local towns by providing fair-trade jobs and promoting Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.”

The collaboration with Gent London was a natural choice for Koua Studio, with both organisations committed to improving sustainability within the fashion industry, which currently accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions.

The news of the collaboration comes just months after Koua Studio announced the inspiring ‘Revive Your Old Jeans’ initiative. That program offers people the opportunity to have their old denim reworked or repaired with the brand’s recycled textiles, made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and handmade by Mexican artisans. All textiles are created with traditional looms, making the weaving process much more environmentally friendly.

Both the revival initiative and this new partnership are expected to boost job opportunities in Alvarez’s native Mexico, support the economy, and promote the top talent that can be found in small communities across the nation.

To celebrate both the new collaboration and the launch of London Fashion Week 2023, Gent London will be holding a prestigious event at Soho House in February where the limited edition collection will be publicly launched. The event and afterparty will be hosted by Soho House; an exclusive private members’ club that will be transformed into a truly immersive experience, blurring the lines between fashion and art to take guests on an exciting journey to explore and uncover the potential of sustainable fashion.

For more information about Koua Studios and the upcoming event, visit: www.kouastudio.com

For more information about Gent London, visit www.gent.london