Latest BitcoinZ Updates Lets Community Vote on Decisions

Latest BitcoinZ Updates Lets Community Vote on Decisions

A thriving cryptocurrency is building an engaged community through its latest innovative feature. BitcoinZ, which launched just last year, is giving its members the power to submit, vote, and track various proposals designed to benefit the booming cryptocurrency over the long and short term. The addition of the community Bulletin Board, gives each member a say in how the decentralised, superfast offering develops.

The community behind BitcoinZ has already embraced the latest capability, voting on a range of aspects. So far, the community has passed several motions that aim to raise awareness of the platform, including launching a video marketing campaign and a deal with the eSports team to sponsor prizes and onboard gamers. With all members having an equal say in the direction BitcoinZ takes, whether they’re new to the cryptocurrency or have been involved from the beginning, the latest function will help steer the cryptocurrency to further success.

A member of the BitcoinZ community, said, “Building a fair community is what BitcoinZ is all about. We want to create a cryptocurrency that works for all its members and the new Bulletin Board is a crucial part of that. Any member with an idea of how to improve BitcoinZ can put forward their suggestions, leaving it for others to vote on. It’s a model that we hope will boost innovative solutions and creative approaches to growth, ensuring BitcoinZ reaches its full potential.”

Members can post their suggestions on the Bulletin Board with ease, providing all the information members need to vote, including the price of the venture. They’re then able to track how the community is receiving their recommendation. The cryptocurrency is designed to be easy to mine, making it accessible for those new to the process. Through utilising clever solutions, BitcoinZ removes the traditional barrier of lack of technology that puts many people off, even allowing people to mine from their smart phone or tablet.

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