Latest Glazesafe Product Stronghold Saves Money and Speeds Up Window Repair and Replacement in Kew Gardens

Latest Glazesafe Product Stronghold Saves Money and Speeds Up Window Repair and Replacement in Kew Gardens

One London based company has experienced how the revolutionary Stronghold tool from Glazesafe speeds up routine jobs and saves them money. Sash Smart, a company that specialises in high quality timber sash window installations, has been using the invaluable Stronghold to carry out extensive work on stunning wedding venue Cambridge Cottage at Kew Gardens.

Through using the Stronghold gadget, Sash Smart were able to efficiently replace the beautiful sash windows in the iconic building without the need for scaffolding. Taking just minutes to install and providing a safe, effective way for workers to carry out fittings and repairs, Stronghold allowed Sash Smart to complete tasks quicker while reducing their overall spending. Minimising disruption to the public, it provided the perfect solution for a tourist spot.

Chris Mills, Director of Sash Smart, said, “We’re thrilled with how simple and effective Stronghold was to use. It allowed our team to quickly get to work on the exciting Cambridge Cottage project without us needing to invest in costly external equipment. It’s a tool we’ll be utilising in future projects, speeding up how long each job takes to complete and ensuring that those working onsite are protected throughout.” Chris went on to say,  “We are so happy with the Stronghold we decided to produce a case study to document our experience.”

Daniel Cheddie, Director of Glazesafe, said, “The benefits that Sash Smart experienced using Stronghold is exactly why the product was created. We aim to provide innovative products that make routine tasks both safer and simpler. Stronghold is an ideal solution for contractors working on windows, whether they’re a lone worker or part of a national company. As well as providing safety and reducing expenses, the way Stronghold independently works can help businesses secure more contracts.”

The Stronghold unit is free standing, so workers and clients don’t have to worry about damage occurring to walls or flooring. Standing internally, it’s a versatile, fast erect mobile anchor point and barrier system that can significantly reduce building disruption, allowing normal activities to continue around the work. The fast connection and release keeps fitters safe at any height and meets strict regulations from the UK, US, and Australia.

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