Latest Self-Development Programme Combines Neuroscience and Big Business Thinking

Latest Self-Development Programme Combines Neuroscience and Big Business Thinking

There’s been an increased emphasis on the need for self-development therapies to aid those struggling with a variety of issues, but for some these traditional methods don’t seem to hit the right buttons. However, one of the newest self-development programmes is set to change all that with its unique approach.

Karmaconcinnity is the distinctive self-support platform that combines business analysis techniques with cutting-edge therapeutic strategies in order to produce a positive outcome for individuals. Combining big business strategic analysis with traditional neuroscience, the programme is changing the way individuals and experts view self-support programmes.

Phil Rogerson, Founder and Marketing Director of Karmaconcinnity, said, “The idea of self-development is nothing new, but the Karmaconcinnity technique is.  We’ve combined development strategies from the corporate environment with personal therapeutic interventions in order to produce a programme that really works for individuals, empowering them and enabling them to get on the right path once again.

“Right from the beginning the smart system analyses a user’s profile and creates a cognitive plan for them to follow. The progress is measurable at key times in the plan lifecycle, with achievements and goals dotted throughout the plan to keep users on the right track.”

Overhauling the entire process, the company uses business analytics techniques throughout the online 60-day programme. Placing users in the perfect mind-set for developing and following personal growth plans, it is extremely accessible for users of all ages. The in-depth web-based happiness training boosts psychological well-being and provides unrivalled support and motivation when and wherever they are when they need it the most.

Users simply enter a goal they wish to achieve, and the intelligent system draws upon its big business thinking. Using proposition development, SWOT analysis, task analysis, value matrix, value analysis, balanced scorecard, market analysis, product analysis, mission statement development, vision statement, visioning, strategy framework, and prioritisation matrix, it develops tangible plans for each individual to follow for the full 60 days – and beyond.

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