Latin American Talent Specialist Extends Service to Support UK Businesses

Latin American Talent Specialist Extends Service to Support UK Businesses

At a time when an increasing number of UK-based businesses are struggling to hire the skilled workers they need to meet demand, a leading global recruiter is stepping in to help. Alstra Technologies is the world’s most prolific Latin American talent specialist, assisting prominent brands such as Visa, PwC, and NTT Data as they expand their workforce with top offshore talent. Now, for the first time, Alstra Technologies is extending its renowned service to the UK.

Alstra Technologies provides smart workforce solutions for businesses looking to grow and develop quickly and strategically in an increasingly competitive landscape. With a deep understanding of the Latam job market, and of the needs of international organisations looking to scale up, the company boasts a strong network of over 70,000 pre-vetted workers across Latin America. These workers are skilled in areas such as software development, architecture, cyber security, project management and other niches on the Government’s Shortage Occupations list.

Cai Igel, Founder and CEO of Alstra Technologies, says, “Following our success in providing skilled Latam talent to businesses across the US in a bid to mitigate the impact of the global talent shortage, we’re thrilled to be able to expand Alstra to the UK market for the first time. The UK is a very vibrant yet also highly demanding region and following the challenges of the past few years it is clear that many are struggling to recruit the right people, at the right time. Our mission is to help UK organisations think outside the box and show them that there’s incredible talent beyond their immediate talent pool.”

The situation in the UK today is certainly worrying, with job vacancies hitting an all time high at the end of last year. Research from the British Chamber of Commerce concludes that 70% of UK businesses are finding it challenging to recruit at this time. The issue is believed to have been sparked by a combination of two factors. Firstly, a renewed focus on business growth and expansion following the pandemic. Secondly, the increase in skilled workers rethinking their career paths and working patterns after the disruption of COVID-19. Together, these factors have widened the skills gap even further.

While UK businesses are, of course, aware of the opportunities and potential that can come from extending their search area, many are naturally wary of reaching out to offshore talent due to the compliance, HR, and administrative challenges that come with international hiring. Alstra Technologies operates in ways that are 100% compliant with labour regulations in both the UK and across Latin America, handling all elements of policy and legislation on behalf of its clients to eradicate the burden and make it easier to hire top talent.

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