Launch of Bastion Helmet from Diamond Age First to Offer Meaningful Protection from Rifle Threats

Launch of Bastion Helmet from Diamond Age First to Offer Meaningful Protection from Rifle Threats

Diamond Age is continuing to pioneer the way in leading military technology with the launch of the Bastion Helmet, the first product of its kind to offer meaningful protection against modern rifle shots. The new advancement will provide soldiers in a variety of environments with much-needed security that reflects how weapons have developed.

The Bastion Helmet has already been recognised for its developments and Diamond Age is discussions to bring the revolutionary product to the forefront of both military and other security industries. In contrast to the Bastion, standard combat helmets are rated to stop pistol rounds and shrapnel but can be easily penetrated by rifle fire, which is a significant threat in modern warfare.

Jake Ganor, CEO of Diamond Age, said, “Diamond Age is leading the industry in the development of armour for personal protection. The Bastion Helmet represents a hugely significant milestone in the evolution of the combat helmet; now, for the first time in history, military and law enforcement personnel have access to a helmet of reasonable weight that offers real protection from modern rifle threats at muzzle velocities of over 3,000 feet per second, and this includes that M855A1 and other steel-cored emerging threats.

“We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved with the Bastion Helmet as we look forward to getting it into the hands of our military and law enforcement personnel. The Bastion Helmet is just the next step in our research and development, we’re committed to bringing further cutting-edge products to market.”

The design of the helmet means it offers protection from rifle rounds on account of its propriety ceramic exo-shell, which is awaiting patent approval. The Bastion Helmet has been designed with versatility in mind too, ensuring it can be adapted to suit a range of roles. The outer ceramic shell is made up of multiple plates, which can be used in a range of configurations. For snipers and light infantrymen, for example, they can choose to wear the helmet with only the front plate, while SWAT police on a breaching raid would more likely choose to wear the helmet in its maximum protection configuration. The ability to quickly adapt the Bastion Helmet ensures it is fit for the purpose of each mission.

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