Launch of CarmaLight Encourages Helpful Driving Acts and Boosts Driving Etiquette With Simple Way to Say Thanks

Launch of CarmaLight Encourages Helpful Driving Acts and Boosts Driving Etiquette With Simple Way to Say Thanks

Acts of kindness on the road can go unacknowledged, causing driver angst and a sentiment that driving etiquette is unappreciated. But a new product from creative firm Inspiration Nation aims to shift the focus back to good deeds. The CarmaLight is the new way to thank drivers for their acts of kindness without causing potential hazards.

Shiri Atsmon, Founder of Inspiration Nation Ltd, said, “Everyday thousands of acts of kindness take place on the roads of the UK and further afield but they can go unrecognised. Whether it’s letting someone pull out at a busy junction or pulling over to allow traffic to pass, nobody likes it when a nice gesture on the road goes un-thanked. Of course, drivers often flash their headlights in a gesture of appreciation but it can be distracting and cause potentially risky glare. The CarmaLight is an alternative.”

CarmaLight, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, is a small, illuminated device that sits on the dashboard of any vehicle. It offers a unique, personal way to say thank you to friendly drivers on the road by flashing emojis or even words. Ideal for evenings when other drivers won’t see a wave, the CarmaLight means it’s no longer necessary to flash headlights, which can direct uncomfortable glare into a driver’s eyes.

At just 11cm in diameter, the CarmaLight is small enough to not be obstructive while still being visible. The simple, flexible set-up allows users to place the control button in a position that’s comfortable for them, ensuring it doesn’t hinder driving. The light-up emoji or message stays illuminated for three seconds before turning off automatically. Designs are interchangeable and include a thumbs up and broad emoji smile.

Atsmon added, “Manners are an important part of British culture and on the road it’s just as important. A CarmaLight can brighten up someone’s journey, reduce the stress of driving, and give driving etiquette a boost.

“The CarmaLight is also a great way for parents to demonstrate to children that manners are important everywhere, searching for opportunities to say thanks and use the tech will even keep little ones entertained on long journeys. For parents with teens just getting behind the wheel, the CarmaLight is perfect for giving tips on driving etiquette, a

vital part of driving that’s overlook during driving lessons. It can help ensure that our future drivers are well-mannered.”

To take the CarmaLight into the production phase, Inspiration Nation has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with the goal of reaching a £10,000 target. Backers of the campaign will be rewarded for their support, being among the first to get their hands on a CarmaLight products and taking advantage of special offers.

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