Launch of Dedicated Recruitment Platform for Care Sector Set to Shake Up Industry

Launch of Dedicated Recruitment Platform for Care Sector Set to Shake Up Industry

Hiring managers operating in the care sector have a new dedicated tool at their disposal to streamline the recruitment process thanks to the launch of Novacare. Created to suit the needs of organisations operating in the highly pressured sector, Novacare comes with capabilities that are designed to reduce expenditure while maximising how resources are utilised.

The intuitive software is set to shake up how the industry performs its recruitment processes. Efficiently allowing organisations to track applicant progress in real time and shorten the turn around time to get the right professionals in place, a vital step when many care businesses are suffering from chronic understaffing, Novacare aims to provide real solutions. With access available 24/7 combined with high level security, it’s a tool that organisations can rely on whenever they need to manage recruitment.

Stephen Wilson, Director of Novacare, said, “Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges that faces care organisations today. It’s common for these essential providers that are delivering critical care to be operating without the full team that they need. The first piece of software from Novacare aims to fill a crucial gap in the market. Through deploying user-friendly technology, Novacare will improve recruitment processes across the UK with an entirely digital solution that effortlessly integrates into existing procedures.

“The initial version of the Novacare recruitment software comes with numerous features that have been chosen and adapted for the care sector. But the software is an ongoing project for our team and we’ll be listening carefully to customer feedback to keep building on the foundations we’ve already laid.”

Teams that use the recruitment software will be able to use live data to inform decisions, automate certain processes, and even interview potential candidates digitally with just a few clicks of the mouse. With quicker recruitment times, firms are given a competitive advantage when it comes to securing the top talent in a tough hiring market. On top of that, Novacare helps organisations manage their legal responsibilities, including those that are incoming under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) later this year.

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