Launch of Indiescover Puts Exciting, Undiscovered Artists on the Radar of Music Lovers

Launch of Indiescover Puts Exciting, Undiscovered Artists on the Radar of Music Lovers

An innovative new platform is set to become the go to destination for music fans eager to find undiscovered talent bringing fresh sounds to the scene. The sleek interface of Indiescover offers audio fans access to unlimited, uninterrupted streaming to the very latest tracks from independent artists, putting incredible new music in a single, accessible place.

Every creative artist on Indiescover gets an equal opportunity to be heard, with the best tunes organically becoming the most popular. It gives independent musicians a chance to establish a fanbase regardless of their status or label promotion, as well as an unrivalled opportunity for fans to explore and influence the thriving industry. With the promise of always hearing new music, Indiescover is building an exciting community for both artists and fans.

Crafted by independent software company TA Programming, Indiescover was designed with functionality in mind. The slick platform is intuitive, allowing users to effortlessly find the tunes they love, hear random tracks, or listen to the crowd powered chart system. With the ability to add previously unknown tracks to their ‘Discovered List’ Indiescover users directly help artists gain additional exposure. No subscription is required to access the platform but users can pay to download high quality tracks or voluntarily support their favourite independent artists.

Tim Aviss, Founder and Owner of TA Programming, said “With Indiescover, we hope to change how the record industry works – placing the artists’ music and their fans in the centre. We believe that artists should be paid fairly for their talent and contribution to our lives, and that the determining factor of their success should be purely due to the quality of their music, and not the power of their label.”

From an artist’s point of view, Indiescover offers a unique opportunity. Every contributing artist receives a 90% pay out from their music downloads, the highest percentage across the whole industry, while keeping 100% of the rights. Combined with the chance to reach an audience of fans keen to hear from new artists, Indiescover is an essential platform for ambitious musicians.

The brand’s ethics don’t stop at ensuring every artist is paid fairly and given an equal opportunity either. Parent company TA Programming has embedded ethical business practices and environmental sustainability into its operations, including using renewable energy and offsetting their carbon footprint.

To take Indiescover from its BETA testing stage to a full launch, the company is raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign. Giving artists and fans alike a chance to be part of the community and receive benefits for their pledges, the campaign offers perfect incentives for anyone passionate about the music industry.

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