Launch of Innovative Weight Loss Tool HypnoSlim® Offers New Technique to Ambitious Individuals

Launch of Innovative Weight Loss Tool HypnoSlim® Offers New Technique to Ambitious Individuals

Ambitious individuals that dream of setting their own hours and establishing a thriving business are being given a new option thanks to the launch of HypnoSlim®. The cost-effective training programme and licence agreement makes the unique weight loss tool an exciting prospect for professionals that want to expand their current customer offering or for those that want to start a business from scratch.

Perfectly suited to those already working in the health and beauty industry, such as personal trainers and beauty therapists, or individuals that need flexible working options, such as stay at home parents, HypnoSlim® is recruiting the first group of people to offer the ground-breaking programme to the public.

Ray Freeman, Creator of the HypnoSlim® model, said, “We’re looking for 200 individuals keen to be practitioners of HypnoSlim® to come on board over the next twelve months, creating a nationwide network. HypnoSlim® does away with fad diets, yo-yo results, and pressure to help deliver real, long-lasting results. With a HypnoSlim® licence, professionals can offer their customers a service that’s both unique and effective.

“It’s the perfect time of year for determined professionals to embark on the next step with HypnoSlim®. Summer is just around the corner and potential customers are starting to think about achieving their ideal body ready for when they hit the beach. The forward-thinking experts that take advantage of the HypnoSlim® now will be in the optimal position to reap the rewards their training offers, quickly recouping the initial cost and helping more people to achieve their dream body by shifting unwanted pounds.”

Delivered over an intensive two-day period, the training to become an official HypnoSlim® practitioner allows professionals to quickly take advantage of the techniques, model, and tips they discover. Building on the role emotion plays in food decisions and overhauling lifestyle for lifelong results, HypnoSlim® does away with the usual rules and restrictions to craft a weight loss programme that fits into modern, busy lifestyles. Practitioners are given all the tools they need to transform each client’s approach to food in just four appointments spread a week apart. With the right information and the connections that HypnoSlim® offers, practitioners are in a position to rapidly build a client base.

The techniques and approach of HypnoSlim® are ideal for individuals that value their independence and want to lose weight without attending group meetings. Using a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, HypnoSlim® is the innovative new way to help people reach weight loss goals. It’s a method that was created by Freeman after realising he needed to shift some pounds himself. Reaching his goal weight in just months and keeping off the extra pounds for seven years, Freeman realised how his unique approach could be used to help others.

Freeman added, “I’m the proof that HypnoSlim® works. And now we’re offering everyone across the UK a chance to understand the tools that could help them improve their health.”

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