Launch of New Book Gives Inside Perspective of Bid Process for Success Blueprint

Launch of New Book Gives Inside Perspective of Bid Process for Success Blueprint

 Professionals daunted by the competitive bid process or those looking to brush up on their skills have a new book they can rely on for advice – The Bid Proposal Handbook. Formatted into easily digestible chunks and written by an industry expert, the new publication runs through all the steps bidders need to take in order to formulate a successful proposal.

Mastering the art of bidding can help businesses secure new, lucrative contracts and improve future prospects. However, with the bid environment being worth more than £300 billion annually, there is undoubtedly an element of competition. With relatively few winners, the bid process can be stress inducing for those responsible for putting together the proposal. The Bid Proposal Handbook is designed to bridge the knowledge gap and offer practical advice to boost the chances of success.

Jack Avon, Financial Consultant and author of the book, said, “There are multiple losers in the bid market and there’s no worse way to miss out than simply finding your bid proposal wasn’t up to standard. With best practices put in place and the right strategy followed from the beginning, organisations will quickly find that their bids are of a much higher standard, catching the attention of more procurers.”

The book, which was published on the 1st June 2017, draws on Avon’s extensive knowledge of the bid environment and reveals his secrets to success. Split into user-friendly chapters, all covering a specific area, the handbook is simple to follow through a step-by-step process. With clearly labelled learning outcomes, the reader always knows what they should have taken away from the text, allowing them to go back through areas they don’t understand. The informative, thorough approach means there’s no area left unturned by the time professionals come to the end.

Avon’s background is perfect for delivering a bid strategy. His inside knowledge of the bid process, coupled with experience working as a financial consultant guarantee advice and steps that readers can act upon. The Bid Proposal Handbook isn’t Avon’s first foray into the world of publishing either. He has also published two other books focusing on the finance – The Basics of Financial Modelling and The Handbook of Financial Modelling.

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