Launch of KQ-Empire Magazine Normalising luxury for women of colour

Launch of KQ-Empire Magazine Normalising luxury for women of colour

KQ-Empire publishing has launched KQ-Empire Magazine, a ground-breaking, luxury lifestyle magazine aimed at aspirational women of colour, available online and at newsstands nationwide and globally.

KQ-Empire Magazine issue /volume 1 is available today through digital subscriptions at, and Limited-edition glossy prints will be available at select UK and global newsstands, as well as in luxury hotel lobbies, offices and department stores.

Four features anchor the issue: “Regal Mania Life”, the first big fashion and lifestyle feature that combines an explosion of feminine strength with a powerful mix of culture, modern-day vintage and glamour; “Lady Boss Women and Their Love for Fine Jewellery” explores selecting and investment recommendations, along with the editor’s picks, for luxury jewellery brands worth the investment; “5 Things to Consider for Your Financial Future” identifies what to think about for financial security when retiring. “Wellness Yoga and Brainpower Training” offers mental exercise techniques to improve cognitive function for achieving and sustaining successful lifestyles.

The magazine is spearheaded by KQ-Empire’s founder, Michelle Devonish, who said, “KQ is designed to communicate directly to women of colour, women of hustle and women of success because with a global spending power of 1.2T, it certainly is time to have available relatable and authentic storytelling and campaigns in a luxury lifestyle reading experience. Although breakthroughs have been made, there is still some educating, acceptance and embracing of living a more comfortable life to be done by it’s readers. Having said that, KQ can be enjoyed by women from all cultures and walks of life. Not only do we focus on fashion but we also focus on investments, creating generational wealth and building legacies.

KQ is distinctive in every possible way. We design our front covers to provoke emotion, not just through what’s being read, but also by the bold collaboration of colours and textures telling an instant story creatively.”

Michelle has a wealth of experience in designing creative and marketing concepts, building brands and expertly delivering to the luxury sector.

Contributors to the first issue include Birungi Kawooya, an exhibiting artist offering guidance on investing and dressing homes in art; Petrina Kamara, a breast cancer survivor and fashion brand founder, on finding the strength and determination to complete her studies and start a business during her gruelling illness and recovery. Expert female sommelier Tanisha Townsend, founder of Girl Meets Glass, discusses her mission to encourage enjoying wine without qualifications by demystifying the process, Nana Quagraine, founder of 45kibo, and Micaela Sharp, founder at Micaela Sharp Design both featured in the ‘Regal Mania Life,’ ‘Statement sofa’s’ in home interiors.

Michelle added, “KQ’s ethos is not only to provide a luxury reading experience, but to flip as many investment opportunities from each of the articles we cover. It’s key for me to unravel and inform my readers of new ways with how they can be investing their money. Being in a position to spend more on a luxury lifestyle, it makes perfect sense to look closer at how to potentially transform those things into generational wealth for years to come. Auction houses, such as Bonham’s and Christie’s, are excellent places to seek investment opportunities as well as getting your items valued.”

Luxury brand marketers will have the opportunity to select advertising space and implement creative, relatable and authentic concepts to deliver relatable paid media via the KQ visionary.

KQ-Empire Magazine will continue to successfully forge valuable partnerships with brands willing to join forces in KQ’s new, fresh and innovative approach to magazine design storytelling.

Michelle said: “It really is an exciting time. Having already collaborated with the world-renowned luxury jeweller, Tiffany & Co., for our Christmas campaign, I am absolutely ecstatic of what’s to come with more brands for KQ.”

For more information on the launch, what’s happening for issue 2 or to arrange an interview with Michelle Devonish to find out about her challenging and life changing  journey in the world of media and publishing, please contact her via Luxury brands can also receive a copy of the media kit here too.