Launch of Newest Quality Car Wax from Mitchell & King Guarantees Superior Shine for Enthusiasts

Launch of Newest Quality Car Wax from Mitchell & King Guarantees Superior Shine for Enthusiasts

Petrol heads and motor enthusiasts have a new car wax to add to their essential items when they want to guarantee that their vehicle looks its best. Mitchell & King’s Balmoral wax has launched just in time for the summer season and vibrant car shows taking place up and down the country.

The Balmoral edition of the brand’s established range of superior waxes makes it even easier for car buffs to get a super high gloss finish. Delivering plenty of clarity and crisp reflections, the gloss is ideal for showing a car at its best and using ahead of prestigious car events. The wax is easy to apply thanks to being one of Mitchell & King’s softest wax options, meaning it can be applied either by hand, microfibre, or by a dual action polisher. As a soft wax, Balmoral is guaranteed to deliver an incredibly high gloss finish that won’t flash or haze due to the high content of natural oils.

A spokesperson for Mitchell & King, said, “Our Balmoral wax has been designed with creating the stunning high gloss finish that will be the envy at car shows this summer season. It’s the fast and easy way to get a superior finish on your vehicle without the usual hassle. The longevity of the wax and the ability to layer up the gloss, increasing shine and beading even further, means it’s the ideal, minimal hassle option even when car shows are spanning over several days.”

Mitchell & King has established itself as leaders in the industry thanks to its own passion and enthusiasm or cars. The waxes are approved by professionals and come in a wide range of options, allowing each car fan to pick out the one that’s right for them. The Balmoral wax alone comes in three distinct scents – yellow and Scottish butterscotch, purple and garden mint, and lime green and freshly cut grass. A single treatment of Balmoral can provide up to four months protection across the whole of the car, making maintenance an easy task for owners.

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