Launch of Salaam Apparel Brings Arabic Calligraphy to Urban Streetwear

Launch of Salaam Apparel Brings Arabic Calligraphy to Urban Streetwear

A unique new streetwear brand has launched, inspired by the art of Arabic calligraphy and the universal message of Salaam – the Arabic word for peace. Specializing in original and comfortable streetwear including hoodies, sweaters, T-Shirts and snapbacks, Salaam Apparel is a UK-based label that is transforming the face of urban fashion with unique, wearable designs made with a message.

As an urban, unisex streetwear brand, Salaam Apparel aims to break boundaries and misconceptions with its uplifting streetwear collection. Born out of frustration with the state of the world today, particularly the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, founders Faisal Chareuf and Thoraya AlKasab felt a need to take action.

Faisal Chareuf said, “We were moved to play a positive role rather than watch from the sidelines and, what better way to spread a message than through fashion? After much thought, ‘Salaam Apparel’ was conceived: a simple message the world could relate to, a message of peace expressed through streetwear. Our designs are attractive and functional but also unique, with beautiful calligraphy and eye-catching designs across a range of everyday items.”

From snapbacks to sweaters, hoodies and T-Shirts, Salaam Apparel is constantly evolving to suit its customer needs and preferences, adding new and authentic flavors to changing streetwear trends. The label is already proving popular with street style fashionistas. The Tree of Life hoodie in military green, Thorns and Roses sweater in white, ASalaam peace T-shirt in navy blue and the Greeting, white and black snapback have quickly become some of the most in demand pieces.

The 54-piece collection can be shipped worldwide, and with its muted color palette of greens, blues and whites, with black, white and gold motifs, is totally wearable while still remaining stylish and unisex. Each of our designs contains a unique message aimed to enrich a person’s life with contentment, positivity, and most importantly, inner peace.

Salaam Apparel ships worldwide and will soon be stocked in select retailers nationwide.

Salaam Apparel and all Salaam Apparel products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Salaam Apparel in the UK.

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