Leading Analytics Consultancy Joins Forces With Global Management Firm

Leading Analytics Consultancy Joins Forces With Global Management Firm

One of the UK’s most prolific analytics consultancies has announced the acquisition of a leading global management firm. Acrotrend, a machine learning and data science organisation prioritising the use of customer-driven strategies has joined forces with business intelligence (BI) consultancy Saltare. The partnership will allow Acrotrend to enhance its existing service offering and capabilities with greater data analytics and improved strategy and governance.

“We believe that combining our experience with that of the incredible Acrotrend team is the natural next step for both consultancies, particularly as our overall goals, mission and vision is ultimately the same,” says Saltare CEO and Founder Phil Husbands. “Our BI and data strategy, and business change capabilities will complement Acrotrend’s deep expertise in customer analytics technology enablement, allowing our clients to further leverage the necessary, comprehensive services they need for business transformation.”

“We are so excited to be taking this next step alongside Acrotend, and we’re confident that merging our talents will result in positive changes for our clients.”

Acrotrend’s acquisition of Saltaare comes at a time when many industries are edging closer to a smart future; a move which is rapidly increasing the need for organisations to fully understand the power of business intelligence.

Business intelligence is not just about collecting and analysing information, but understanding how to fully utilise and act upon available information to achieve desired results and facilitate growth in a future dominated by big data. Acrotrend anticipates that the acquisition will strengthen its ability to deliver customer analytics programmes which achieve better business goals, profitability and enhanced experiences.

“What our clients will see now is the combined strength of our capabilities and services, with the required breadth and depth to take our clients through the whole life cycle of their data and analytics journey,” says Sandeep Mendiratta, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Acrotrend.

“Right now, we’re seeing businesses only taking the first step, unsure of how to make it to the finish line. Our mantra has always been ‘data, insight, action’, and it’s this action that we really hope to highlight with Saltare’s acquisition. We recognised them as an organsiation with a similar goal to ours with their own mantra of ‘know what, so what, now what?’; It’s about taking action.”

Although big data is still very much in the early stages, an increasing number of companies are beginning to understand more about what big data is, how to collect it, and what it can do. There is a notable gap between holding this data and knowing how it can be utilised to implement change, deliver more in depth insight, and give organisations the power to engage with audiences on a deeper level through this information. Acrotrend’s acquisition move is designed to bridge this gap, providing businesses with everything they need to draw useful information from their customer data.

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(Photo shows: left – Shailesh Maliya, Mid-left: Meenal Ashtikar, Mid-right: Sandeep Mendiratta, Right: Phil Husbands)