Finding iconic designs made simple with Pro Auction.

Pro Auction runs both online and traditional auctions throughout the UK and Europe, using the very latest auctioneer technology to make bidding and selling a simple and straightforward process.

Adding luxurious touches to the home has never been simpler thanks to the company’s focus on quality and affordability, meaning everyone can take advantage of the chance to find something wholly original to enliven their home, business or office space.

Pro Auction are seasoned professionals within the auction world, bringing a wealth of expertise to customers by helping to connect design-loving buyers with the perfect vintage finds to suit their personal taste and unique budget.

The company holds twelve major auctions each year, with an extensive client base of over 1.9 million bidders and exemplary selling rates well above the accepted average for auction houses. Pro Auction have taken charge of some of the biggest and best auctions of recent years, as well as being the UK’s leading furniture auctioneer for some 22 years. They draw crowds averaging 1,000 bidders to their prestigious auction venues, as well as many online clients who choose to bid remotely using the company’s top-of-the-range bidding software for added convenience.

The clientele who attend Pro Auction events are as varied as the lots which are sold, but include key figures from the design world such as interior designers, boutique hoteliers and individuals seeking iconic furniture at an impressive price point.

Once, luxury auctions were largely seen as the preserve of the mega-rich, yet the appeal of the auction house is changing and growing, opening itself up to new markets and new opportunities. It’s no longer only seasoned collectors who see the merits of the great British auction house, and the way auctioneers do business is shifting to reflect this changing demand and broader demographic.

Increasingly, newer design enthusiasts are taking note of the potential within auction houses to find something truly spectacular – and Pro Auction is leading the pack.

Find out more about Pro Auction at the official website www.iconicbritish.com.