Leading California Product Manufacturer Celebrates 36th Year in Business

Leading California Product Manufacturer Celebrates 36th Year in Business

One of the West Coast’s leading manufacturers of beauty, personal care, and home products is blowing out 36 candles on its birthday cake this year. Originally launched back in 1984, California-based Adonis Manufacturing offers contract manufacturing, filing, and formulation solutions for global brands. Over the past three decades the organization has built a strong and experienced team of chemists and technicians who are utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment to meet client needs and exceed expectations.

Adonis Manufacturing has received a number of accolades and reached many significant milestones over its 36 years in business. From its modest beginnings, the manufacturer now operates from an impressive 80,000 square foot facility in Corona, CA, houses 18 stainless steel steam heated tanks ranging from 400 – 23,500lbs, and offers more than 2000 products for private label. Additionally, the Adonis Manufacturing team can include anywhere from 80 – 120 associates, depending on the requirements at the time. Back in 2017, the organization was crowned SBA International Exporter of the Year.

“As we continue to edge closer to the ‘Big 4-0’, we’re really starting to take a look at just how far Adonis Manufacturing has come since the company was founded,” said President of Adonis Manufacturing, Rami Elkhoury. “We’re so proud to look back and see the enormous strides that we’ve made over our 36 years in operation, not only in terms of our facility, our team, and our production capacity, but also in our ability to adapt and diversify in line with the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our growing customer base.

“We’ve had 36 years to streamline our processes, and while we’re constantly implementing change, we feel that we’ve reached a point where we really have developed the perfect solution for high growth multi-national brands.”

Having started life as Cosmedx Science, the organization successfully implemented a comprehensive rebranding campaign to highlight its expansion from the beauty industry alone into personal care and home products. As part of the rebranding, Adonis Manufacturing also delved into new areas, including CBD manufacturing. Today, the company boasts more than 100 private label CBD products such as creams for topical applications.

Despite the many changes that have been introduced over Adonis Manufacturing’s 36 years in business, one thing remains the same. “Our research and development processes are as strong as ever,” says Elkhoury.

“Everything we do is to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers, and always remaining ahead of the competition through strategic design.”

To find out more about Adonis Manufacturing, visit adonismfg.com