Leading Consent Management Leaders Join Forces to Deliver Unified Solutions

Leading Consent Management Leaders Join Forces to Deliver Unified Solutions

UK-based consent and preference management platform, MyLife Digital will join forces with leading European consent management platform (CMP) provider Usercentrics to deliver a truly unified consent and preference management solution. The new partnership between the two industry giants will bring improved, more transparent experiences to users while also offering organisations simple integration patterns for facilitating better use of data.

By integrating Usercentrics CMP, MyLife Digital will provide a comprehensive consent and preferences management solution, providing one of the only platforms to simultaneously offer a consent and preference management for both valuable first-party data and cookies, pixels and other web technologies. With its Identity Access Management solution, through its partnership with Auth0, MyLife Digital will be in a unique position to offer an authenticated consent and preference management service that will provide a unified view of cookie consent and first-party consent and preferences, linked to an individual’s identity.

In bringing together their respective solutions, MyLife Digital and Usercentrics are striving to create greater transparency in what is currently a very opaque landscape. By introducing greater clarity and simple options for the consumer to update their consents and preferences, the two firms make it easier for individuals to understand what data is collected and held about them and why, ultimately delivering a better privacy experience and building trust.

J Cromack, co-founder and Managing Director of MyLife Digital, said, “It’s a very exciting time at MyLife Digital with both Forrester and Gartner predicting 2021 will be the year privacy becomes an imperative. Partnering with a best of breed provider like Usercentrics is an important part of our plan. Being able to offer an authenticated, consent and preference management service which provides a unified view of all consents and preferences linked to an individual’s identity across an organisation is a game-changer for those businesses who want to retain and build the utility in their data. Our goal has always been to help our customers deliver greater transparency and empower their consumers to make informed choices through data understanding, which builds loyalty and trust.”

Forrester states that privacy will be ‘an imperative’ in 2021, while Gartner believes that ‘a proactive approach to privacy and data protection’ will be essential for businesses to build consumer trust in a post-pandemic landscape.

According to Forrester, many organisations may be opening themselves up to risk this year as they seek rapid recovery solutions following twelve months of uncertainty and disruption. The leading market research firm predicts that businesses will demonstrate an ‘ever-increasing appetite to collect, process, and share sensitive personal data from consumers’ in a bid to make smarter, more informed, data-driven decisions to facilitate growth in the new normal.

However, at the same time, it is also expected that regulatory activity will increase rapidly over the next year. With the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now being considered the global standard, many countries are beginning to build their own data privacy and protection laws, resulting in a growing need for businesses to fully understand how to remain compliant when collecting and storing data from customers across the globe.

Hanna Waldenmaier, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Usercentrics says, “Since the GDPR came into force, user consent has been the legal basis for data-based marketing. Without valid user consent, the use of cookies, pixels or other technologies for marketing purposes is not permitted. At Usercentrics, we want to make it as easy as possible for customers to comply with legal requirements and continue to  conduct data driven, performance marketing. Furthermore, customers should have the possibility to not only collect consent easily but also be sure that the consent and preference status is accurate at all times in order to secure compliance. With MyLife Digital, we have now gained a partner with many years of expertise in the area of consent and preference management, and together we can offer companies the best possible support.”

To find out more about MyLife Digital, visit https://mylifedigital.co.uk

To find out more about Usercentrics, visit https://usercentrics.com