Leading CSP Improves Access to Essential Post-Pandemic Digital Tools

Leading CSP Improves Access to Essential Post-Pandemic Digital Tools

At a time when organisations are facing some of their biggest ever challenges, a leading cloud solution provider is striving to make beneficial digital technologies more accessible to growing firms. In2Networks, which operates across Australia and the Middle East, is helping businesses to save money on collaborative tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint by enabling them to subscribe through a self-service Microsoft 365 CSP portal.

In a world dominated by remote and flexible working, effective and real time communication is key to success. The Microsoft 365 suite is firmly rooted in and built upon the importance of collaboration, making it one of the most powerful solutions for helping individuals, teams, and entire corporations remain connected, no matter where they are. Microsoft 365 is rapidly emerging as critical software in the new landscape. And yet, price remains one of the most significant barriers to entry, with many unable to afford it.

In2Networks is setting out to tackle the pricing obstacle by empowering businesses to choose the specific subscriptions they want, and pay for only what they need using the provider’s self-service Microsoft 365 CSP portal. With an account, businesses can access exclusive rates, streamline price management, automate billing, and add or remove subscriptions instantly… all through an intuitively-designed interface that’s incredibly easy to use.

Melv Matutina, In2Networks’ Innovation Director, says “At In2Networks, our mission has always been to provide our clients with the very best products, and right now there is perhaps no better product than Microsoft 365. We’re so proud to be able to support our clients to purchase and manage their 365 subscriptions directly through our portal, giving them greater cost transparency, simplifying licensing management, and making things easier”.

Not only can businesses use the In2Networks portal to access reduced rates on 365 bundles, they can also enjoy additional savings through data-driven optimisations. Using the portal’s built-in reporting capabilities, businesses can quickly, easily, and clearly see usage statistics, allowing them to tailor plans to meet demand and prevent costly oversubscriptions instantly, without the need to request changes and wait for these changes to be actioned.

Microsoft 365 is just one of the key technologies supported by In2Networks, who boast a full service catalogue of tools such as Azure, Teams, and an extensive range of non-Microsoft products. Account holders can effortlessly select the tools they want, paying only for the software that they need.

To find out more about In2Networks, visit http://www.i2n.com.au