Leading Executive Coach Reveals the Tricks to Delivering a Killer Presentation Despite Common Anxiety

Leading Executive Coach Reveals the Tricks to Delivering a Killer Presentation Despite Common Anxiety

Around three quarters of people worldwide suffer from a fear of public speaking and delivering presentations, which could place their career progression at risk. But leading and experienced Executive Coach, Malcolm Andrews of malcolm.andrews.hk has created a practical, actionable infographic giving a step by step guide to delivering world class presentations. His aim is to give practical advice to the thousands of people all over the world faced with the anxiety-inducing task of public speaking.

Ask any office worker what their top work-related fear is and public speaking or delivering presentations are likely to come out top. In fact, research shows that almost one in five of the population lists their fear of public speaking as greater than death, spiders, heights, and the dark. Backed by years of experience in business management and communication skills for companies, Malcolm is urging more people to brush up on their speaking skills to achieve career ambitions and deliver a confidence boost.

Malcolm said, “When it comes to delivering presentations, it’s a challenge that many workers dread but one that people need to get comfortable with. With the right formula and preparation, employees can really take their presentation to the next level by informing, engaging, influencing, and entertaining the audience in a way that is authentic. Recognising that it’s not always going to be perfect is one of the most important first steps and from here with the right planning, preparation, delivery, and conclusion, people will see their confidence soar.”

Ian Griffin, a Silicon Valley technology speechwriter at www.exec-comms.com vouched for Andrews’ recent work – “Kudos to Hong Kong based Malcolm Andrews for publishing a great infographic on how to deliver a world-class presentation”.

The simple to follow infographic, which contains a huge amount of realistic and useful advice, is a perfect read for those that want to improve their presentation and general communication skills. Backing the information in the graphic, is Malcolm’s extensive experience. Working on a one on one basis to deliver tailored executive coaching sessions with individuals at leading global businesses, has given him an incredible insight into how to help people develop the skills they need. With a focus on management communication skills, his company now delivers a range of workshops that are designed to add extensive value, including leadership style development, presentation skills, stakeholder management, negotiating skills, and meeting management.

To find out more visit malcolm.andrews.hk.