Leading First Aid Training Facility in Australia Emphasises Importance of Workplace Safety in Response to Government's 10-Year Strategy

Leading First Aid Training Facility in Australia Emphasises Importance of Workplace Safety in Response to Government’s 10-Year Strategy

As the Australian government unveils its new 10-year strategy to reduce workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses, leading first aid training provider     , My First Aid Course, has emphasised the importance of first aid courses in promoting workplace safety.

“We welcome the government’s initiative to improve workplace safety across the country,” says Malcolm Thompson, Managing Director of My First Aid Course. “Workplace safety is paramount, and it’s essential that businesses take steps to prevent accidents from occurring. By providing effective first aid training, we can help businesses to tackle the severity and frequency of workplace accidents, and ultimately contribute to a safer working environment for all.”

The targets outlined in the government’s 10-year strategy include reducing workplace fatalities from traumatic injuries by at least 30%, reducing the frequency of serious claims resulting in one or more weeks off at work by at least 20%, reducing the frequency of permanent impairment by 15%, reducing the overall incidence of work-related injury or illness among workers to below 3.5%, achieving no new cases of accelerated silicosis by 2023, and reducing the frequency of work-related respiratory disease by 20%.

My First Aid Course is well placed to provide the necessary first aid training to businesses across Brisbane, with experienced trainers and comprehensive courses designed to meet the needs of a range of industries. With workplace safety a top priority, My First Aid Course offers businesses the peace of mind that their employees are well-equipped to deal with any accidents or emergencies that may occur. They have recently introduced online pre-learning, which significantly reduces down-time.

“Effective first aid training can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation,” adds Thompson. “By investing in workplace safety and providing employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, companies can protect their workers and help to create a safer working environment for all.”

My First Aid Course is committed to supporting the government’s 10-year strategy by providing employees across different industries with access to high-quality, engaging first aid training courses. With a focus on practical skills, businesses across Brisbane can be confident in their ability to respond to accidents and emergencies, and contribute to a safer and more productive workplace.

For more information on first aid training provided by My First Aid, please visit https://www.brisbanefirstaidcourse.com.au/