Leading fish company, Fish4Ever launches new website for sustainable canned fish

Leading fish company, Fish4Ever launches new website for sustainable canned fish

Sustainable canned fish producer, Fish4Ever has announced the launch of their new organic foods website that will stock their full range of environmentally friendly fish products in cans and glass jars.

The full range of Fish4Ever products, which includes tuna, mackerel, salmon, anchovies, and sardines are now available to buy online individually, or as part of a unique subscription bundle that can be delivered monthly, directly from the brand’s parent company Organico Realfoods.

Fish4Ever is a trusted, sustainable brand of canned fish that is championed by expert and NGOs alike. As the first canned fish company in the world to be founded with the specific mission to source and sell only sustainably caught fish, Fish4Ever have constantly led the way in sustainable fishing methods for other brands to follow.

With a strong focus on innovative products, quality fish and supporting the land, sea and people that play such an important part in the fishing industry, Fish4Ever has become the brand of choice for the best fine food stores and natural food stores across the UK, but the company is now looking forward to being able to sell their products directly to consumers through their new website.

Charles Redfern, Founder of Fish4Ever says, “Since we started Fish4Ever, the interest in sustainably-caught fish has grown and grown at an astonishing rate. We’ve been happy selling our products through the natural and organic marketplace, but really wanted to create a way that our customers could directly buy our canned fish products.

Through the Organico Realfoods website, customers can browse our full range of products from tuna steaks in water to our sardines in tomato sauce that are healthy, high-quality and extra tasty.”

To align with Fish4Ever’s sustainability goals, Organico Realfoods has committed to a “better than net zero” carbon policy to ensure that their products are both good for customers, and good for the planet.

Organico Realfoods also stock a range of sustainable and organic food brands including Organico, Redferns, and Vitacore.

Customers in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) can get free delivery on orders over £30.

To find out more about Fish4Ever and shop their range of sustainable canned fish, visit: https://www.organicorealfoods.com/pages/fish4ever