Leading Kitchen Fitter TACF Calls for UK Talent as Brexit Exodus Set to Impact Industry

Leading Kitchen Fitter TACF Calls for UK Talent as Brexit Exodus Set to Impact Industry

The looming Brexit negotiations present both challenges and opportunities within the construction industry, according to TACF. The leading provider of installation solutions is calling on British talent to seize the opportunity as the number of migrant workers in London and beyond is set to steadily decline over the next couple of years.

Dominic Lewis, Owner of TACF, said, “Over a quarter of a million jobs in the UK within the construction industry are currently under threat, most of which are in the capital, as Brexit continues to have an impact. In our personal experience, we’ve found that many applications for kitchen fitters come from a non-British background. So, as the number of EU workers dwindles, opportunities are to be found for talented UK based tradesmen.”

Working directly with leading manufacturers and specialising in high rise kitchen and wardrobe installation services, TACF fits over 2,000 apartments a year. With projects that range from 100 plots to 1500, the thriving business is looking to grow its group of skilled employees. With 25 kitchen fitters currently on the books and a booming high-rise installation industry portfolio in London, which is set to grow by 145% over the next 18 months, the firm is keen to tap into local talent.

However, Brexit is proving a challenge. At the moment seven in ten TACF workers are from an Eastern European background and just one in ten applicants for new positions are born in the UK. As a result, the forward-thinking business is calling on British construction workers to transfer their skills to a sector that’s fast growing.

Dominic added, “London high rise construction sites will see a sizeable proportion of its labour disappear. With the current levels of skilled labour from Europe dropping year on year after 2019, we want to take action now. We are looking to fill the labour gap that we’re expecting to experience over the next couple of years with talented British workmen.”

TACF has a diverse portfolio of work thanks to its stellar industry reputation and smart use of technology to keep clients in the loop, such as real time online sign offs. The firm has just completed two major sites in central London, marking its busiest January on record, and is growing its capacity to meet rising demand from new and existing customers alike.

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