Leading Manufacturer Reveals the Hottest Upcoming Personal Care Packaging Design Trends

Leading Manufacturer Reveals the Hottest Upcoming Personal Care Packaging Design Trends

Leading personal care packaging manufacturer, APackaging Group have revealed the hottest personal care packaging design trends that are set to take the beauty industry by storm.

APackaging Group, a US-based designer and manufacturer of cosmetics packaging have over 20 years of experience and a reputation as the leading name when it comes to high-quality, sustainable packaging. Most notably with their innovative Infinity Pump range, which has been recognised worldwide for breaking the norms of traditional pump packaging that was never able to be recycled before.

Based on their expertise, customer orders and trend forecasting, APackaging Group have revealed the newest personal care packaging design trends that the beauty industry will want to keep their eyes on in the coming months:

  1. Refillable airless packaging and refillable jars
  2. Compostable and paper packaging
  3. Fully recyclable packaging—including dispensers
  4. Aluminium packaging
  5. Simplicity


These upcoming trends highlight a key shift in consumer requirements and demand. As end-consumers become more interested in making sustainable choices, it’s become even more important for packaging manufacturers to meet these demands if they want to stay ahead. Along with using novel materials for packaging, manufacturers should also look for ways to make it easier for end-users to recycle and reuse once they’ve finished with their products.

APackaging already creates a number of fully-recyclable packaging—including their milestone Infinity Pump Series—but acknowledges there’s still some way to go in providing more alternatives for customers who want to make sustainable choices.

Armin Arminak, EVP of R&D at APackaging Group said, “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at APackaging Group and it’s great to see that this is something that many other retailers and customers also care about. We think that our current range of product options goes a long way to meet the demands of these new trends, but we’re also excited to introduce more products in the future that will gives our customers even more alternatives to traditional cosmetics packaging.”

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