Leading Materials Handling Equipment Firm Urges Businesses to Consider Employee Safety in New Financial Year

Leading Materials Handling Equipment Firm Urges Businesses to Consider Employee Safety in New Financial Year

As the new financial year approaches, experts in materials handling equipment Midland Pallet Trucks are urging firms in the industry to invest in equipment that can reduce safety risks. According to statistics from Health and Safety Executive (HSE), over one in five workplace injuries are caused by lifting and handling, second only to slips, trips, and falls, an issue that Midland Pallet Trucks knows can be reduced through careful equipment selection to maintain productivity levels.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, said, “All businesses that include some form of manual handling are likely to have experienced injuries impacting on production and operations at some point. With so many workplace accidents in the UK related to lifting and handling, it’s in the interest of businesses to put in place the equipment and procedures that can effectively reduce the risk. It not only provides protection for employees but security for the business too.

“With a new financial year rapidly approaching and budgets for the next 12 months being drawn up, it’s the perfect time for firms to assess their existing equipment and set aside investment for reducing manual handling if necessary.”

In addition to cutting risks, improved manual handling equipment can also speed up existing processes, further benefitting businesses, and there’s a wide range of assisted products companies can choose from. Midland Pallet Trucks’ Easy Roller Pallet Truck, for example, is designed with health and safety in mind. With a simple to engage foot lever, the pump action of the handle is instead used to rotate the wheels of the truck, relieving the bulk of the strain from the operator. Employees are able to complete tasks through exerting only a small amount of pressure, whether they need to move a load over a small lisp or over a continuous incline.

Midland Pallet Trucks is the UK’s leading supplier of pallet trucks and boasts an extensive catalogue of products, from lightweight pump truck options through to heavy duty equipment, that can help firms cut the number of injuries and accidents that happen in the working environment in 2018/19.

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