Leading small business activist takes his expertise on the road

Leading small business activist takes his expertise on the road

The UK’s Micro Business Champion and one of two brains behind #MicroBizMattersDay, Tony Robinson OBE, is taking his unique presentation on the road. Building on the concepts covered in his laugh-out-loud 5-star rated book, Robinson will be delivering business truths and inspiring groups of prospective and existing entrepreneurs to make a difference, be happy, and achieve success.

Robinson is a seasoned professional when it comes to the world of micro enterprise and presenting the findings of his research and experience. Showcasing his knowledge is the renowned book Freedom from Bosses Forever, a fictional satire that wittily imparts business tips, advice, and so much more. The book has earned Robinson the respect of his peers and innovators. With an impressive CV that includes Vice President of NFEA and Founder SFEDI Group, he is well placed to deliver the insights and knowledge that tour attendees are eager to heed.

The talks delivered by Robinson on his tour recognise that at least half of working adults in the UK will run their own micro business – defined as having between 0 and 9 employees – at some point in their life. Backed by more than 30 years of research, running his own businesses, and interviewing famous millionaire entrepreneurs and friends, Robinson’s four futuristic enterprise lessons are a must for those looking to launch or build up their own business.

Robinson said “I have an ulterior motive for baring my beliefs and coming out from behind the fictional characters in my books. I want to explain, in a fun way, why what I’ve been lucky enough to learn can really help people to make ends meet in the future. It will be controversial but fun and useful.”

Robinson, along with Tina Boden, is co-founder of the successful #MicroBizMattersDay social media and annual event. A celebration of the self-employed and smallest business owners, the event has seen success around the globe and has just celebrated its third year. It aims to encourage micro business owners to collaborate.

Robinson added, “I also want the tour to say that “micro is magic”. Running your own enterprise is best for business, life, and happiness. Leaders in large organisations can learn from us – not the other way

around. I’m hoping that many in the audience will agree to back each other, buy from each other, join one of the national small business membership organisations, and embrace the #MicroBizMattersDay ethos.”

To celebrate the start of the tour ‘Freedom from Bosses Forever’ is available free as a kindle book from Amazon UK from 12-16 April inclusive. The first of Tony Robinson’s tour talks is being conducted in partnership with Yorkshire in Business at the Coventry University Campus in Scarborough, on 27 April 2017. Consisting of a keynote speech and a Q&A panel session, it’s completely free to attend. Robinson will then be heading to Newcastle on the 18 May 2017 to be part of the city’s Start Up Week celebrations.

To find out more on Tony Robinson OBE and to book the Freedom From Bosses Forever talk visit tonyrobinsonobe.com

To get the latest information and book tickets for the Freedom From Bosses Forever talk in Yorkshire visit http://eventbrite.co.uk/e/freedom-from-bosses-forever-tony-robinson-obe-tickets-32724223032?aff=efbevent.

Tickets for the Newcastle event can be purchased here http://eventbrite.com/e/newcastle-startup-week-15-19-may-2017-tickets-31660546547?ref=ebtnebtckt.