Leading Travel Firm VIP Journeys Unveils Fleet of Four Luxury Yachts Set to Explore the Galapagos Islands

Leading Travel Firm VIP Journeys Unveils Fleet of Four Luxury Yachts Set to Explore the Galapagos Islands

Luxury tour operator VIP Journeys is set to redefine travel to the beautiful Galapagos Islands with the launch of four new state-of-the art- yachts, each the pinnacle of luxury. Designed to ensure discerning travellers can discover the unique destination in comfort and style every step of the way, the new fleet of luxury crafts is a far cry from the traditional rustic ships that typically navigate the waters around the magical islands.

All four yachts will take their maiden voyage in 2018 and offer something unique to travellers. Able to accommodate groups of between 16 and 20 passengers at a time, these beautiful yachts promise to deliver passengers tailored, unique experiences thanks to careful design, high end amenities and an experienced, knowledgeable crew.

Fully equipped and sailing with certified guides on board, the four yachts offer luxury at every turn. The yachts – Infinity, Origin, Endemic, and Camila Trimaran – will set sail for exclusive seven-night itineraries throughout the year. A number of three and four-night options will also be offered to meet the demands of travellers who are short on time but don’t want to compromise on quality of voyage.

Michael Eiseman, Co-founder of VIP Journeys, said, “Every year the cruise ships and yachts that venture around the Galapagos islands get nicer but our newest yachts to take to the water add something even more special. Benefitting from a semi-private experience, our guests get the exclusive, personal feel of the old rustic schooners that were popular in the past combined with the elegance and indulgence of modern cruise ships. It’s a winning combination. Guests on board will be able to truly appreciate the stunning beauty of the Galapagos, whether they’re on shore with our knowledgeable guides or enjoying a drink and panoramic views on deck.”

Boasting private balconies and a design that’s been carefully crafted for optimal viewing, tour operators will have no trouble marketing the stunning eight cabins and two suites on board the Infinity. When it’s out on the open waters, the yacht is an oasis of luxury that’s ideal for discovering the hidden gems in the Galapagos.

With the capability to host up to 20 passengers, the elegantly decorated Origin is the ideal choice for travellers that really want to discover more

about the islands. Not only does the yacht fully embrace opulence in its design, it has the lowest ratio of guests to guides in the area, with two on board expert naturalist guides accompanying each sailing.

Beginning operations in July 2018, the luxury catamaran Endemic is the perfect yacht choice for holidaymakers that want to see as much of the Galapagos during their trip as possible. The elegant Endemic can travel swiftly between the islands thanks to its slick design, while the crew to passenger ratio of almost one-to-one guarantees that every traveller staying in its eight Golden Panoramic Suites will benefit from high end, dedicated customer service.

The fourth yacht, the Camila Trimaran, features eight luxurious cabins, each with a private balcony and jacuzzi, and plenty of relaxing opportunities to follow a day of explorations.

Eiseman added, “We’re thrilled at the latest additions to the VIP Journeys’ offering, the four yachts are exactly what we’re about – creating luxurious, immersive experiences for travellers discovering the beauty of Central and South America. All four options will take guests right into the heart of the Galapagos and promise to deliver a once in a lifetime trip.”

Learn more about VIP Journeys at: vipjourneys.com. Find out more about the four new luxury yachts by visiting: vipjourneys.com/4-new-luxury-yachts-galapagos/