Learning and Development Professionals Say “Don’t Fall Behind” in New Survey On Generative Artificial Intelligence

Learning and Development Professionals Say “Don’t Fall Behind” in New Survey On Generative Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Training Looks to AI For Mobility as Survey Finds 63% Have Implemented or Plan to Implement AI Learning Tools

New York, NY: Most learning and development (L&D) professionals in the U.S. have high hopes for generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to new research carried out by Shiken AI.

The State of AI in L&D Report 2023, which surveyed425 U.S.-based L&D professionals working for Fortune 500 organizations, found that 88% of respondents believe AI has at least moderate potential, with 61% seeing it as having high or very high potential.

The top reported benefits cited by those who have already implemented AI training include boosting productivity (46.84%), aligning people to business goals (37.7%), and tracking compliance (52.18%).

Charlie Ashmore Chief Learning Officer. said, “This isn’t by chance either: A comparative analysis found the more familiar a respondent was with generative AI, the more conviction they expressed in its potential to enhance corporate training. Over half of respondents (63%) have personally experimented with generative AI – and another 31% said they plan to do so.”

Problems Facing Corporate L&D Teams

Analytical skills and management are highly sought after, with 49.51% and 40.04% of respondents respectively citing their importance as in demand skills that could benefit from AI-assisted learning.

Key challenges L&D professionals feel can be tackled with AI include employee engagement (26.5%), knowledge retention (39.3%), and developing training content (35.9%).

In 2024 key focus areas for L&D professionals include large-scale career development programs (27.1%), compliance (27.4%), and integrating employee well-being (26.6%) are priority areas.

AI training tech is gaining traction but barriers remain

63% of respondents have already implemented and 59.7% of organizations have courses or training on AI, indicating a trend towards incorporating AI in content creation.

Coaching, personalization, and content creation were highlighted as key perceived benefits.

The top barriers to adopting AI tools at scale within organizations included lack of knowledge and understanding on how best to implement AI tools effectively.

A complimentary copy of the report is available for download here. For more information on Shiken AI visit: https://shiken.ai