Why LED Light Bulbs Facilitate the Lagom Lifestyle

Why LED Light Bulbs Facilitate the Lagom Lifestyle

BLT Direct highlights how LED lights fit seamlessly into the lagom lifestyle

Lagom may be the latest trend taking over lifestyles, but who knows what it really stands for?

Taking inspiration from sustainable and enjoyable lifestyles, lagom has kicked the warming and cosy ‘hygee’ to the curb by bringing attention to carbon footprints and sustainability. Translated as ‘just the right amount’, ‘lagom’ is all about being frugal, fair, and creating a lifestyle balance.

With this in mind, BLT Direct, one of the country’s most prevalent suppliers of eco-friendly lighting, such as LED light bulbs and accessories, has explained why – and how – LED light bulbs facilitate the lagom lifestyle.

A way of living, as opposed to the hygee state of bliss, the lagom lifestyle is designed to make life easier, more enjoyable and inexpensive, so LED light bulbs fit into this idea seamlessly. Extremely cost-effective, LED light bulbs are designed to last for years, while cutting down on energy bills, and of course reducing carbon footprints.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director at BLT Direct, says, “Hygee took the world by storm last year, but 2017 is definitely the year of lagom. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. As the world continues to miss pollution targets and stagnates with recycling, the population is in desperate need to a lifestyle that’s attractive, easy to maintain, and of course, one that’s good for the environment.”

LED light bulbs now come in a whole host of variations. From differing shapes and sizes, brightness, colour temperatures, and even colours, with the introduction of smart light bulbs, LED light bulbs sit perfectly alongside the unfussy way of life. Reducing the need to have many different light bulbs for the many different occasions life throws up, LED lightbulbs support the idea of being unfussy and simple – with a stylish edge.

Despite lagom supporting a more relaxed way of living, don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t all about comfort. Lagom facilitates cosy interiors, with a modern mix of industrial ambiance with creature comforts like plants, warm dots of colour splashed in there for good measure, and of course, just the right amount of lighting.

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