LED Light Bulbs One Bulb, Endless Interior Opportunities

LED Light Bulbs: One Bulb, Endless Interior Opportunities

LED light bulbs, one of the most energy-efficient lighting solutions, have transformed the lighting sector dramatically since they first entered the commercial domestic lighting market. As traditional solutions such as halogen and incandescent light bulbs are being phased out across Europe, the world is preparing for an LED upheaval in their homes. To mark this change BLT Direct, a leading light bulb supplier, puts concerned homeowners’ minds at ease, highlighting how switching to LEDs opens the door to a wide range of versatile lighting effects to enjoy around the home, rather than homogenous lighting design.

LED light  has come on a long way since it was discovered in1962, only capable of emitting blue, green or red light. Now, as the fastest developing lighting technology, there is no limit to the colour or temperature of the light, nor the style or shape of the bulb, making LED light bulbs an incredibly versatile, long-lasting lighting solution and the perfect investment for every home.

Steven Ellwood, Managing Director of BLT Direct revealed “Since the EU decided to phase out incandescent, and now halogen, light bulbs, many are concerned that they won’t be able to find a replacement bulb that fits their stylistic or practical needs. However, this simply isn’t the case. The range of LED light bulbs now available is impressive – we’re sure we can find a direct retrofit for all blown-out old-style light bulbs amongst our extensive range.”

Incandescent light has experienced a renaissance recently as the ‘industrial’ interior trend soared in popularity. However, as these original bulbs become scarcely available, a multitude of creative ‘antique style’ LED light bulbs provide the same authentic appearance, offering a beautiful visible filament yet with better energy efficiency.

While these traditional light bulb styles are favoured for their aesthetic quality, halogen light bulbs are widely used in ‘downlight’ settings, shining brightly in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. This same, crisp, reliable spotlight is captured perfectly in GU10 LED lamps, meaning homes can enjoy the same illumination, long after the effects of the halogen light bulb ban are felt.

It’s not just halogen and incandescent styles that LED light bulbs can mimic, available in a plethora of lighting styles and fittings. LED flood lights are widely used in the sporting and hospitality sector, saving energy while providing a powerful light, while sales of LED strip lights enable homeowners to adorn their living environments with decorative and practical light in places that were previously impossible.

With LED light bulb technology, there are endless interior possibilities. Browse the full range of LED light bulbs online at: www.bltdirect.com