LED Panels rising in popularity in commercial premises

LED Panels rising in popularity in commercial premises

The use of LED light panels is rising in offices, commercial premises, schools and healthcare facilities, says BLT Direct, a leading stockist of high-quality lighting products and accessories.

With more and more businesses looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint, LED light panels have become a popular choice due to their energy-saving capabilities, ease of installation and low maintenance requirements, making them an ideal choice for an array of businesses.

Another benefit of LED light panels is their ability to free up ceiling space and deliver exceptional levels of illumination to prevent eye strain and headaches. They distribute light evenly and are available in cool white, warm white or daylight colours to help safeguard against the visual problems that cause migraines.

Many office workers complain that they experience headaches and migraines while in the office with symptoms thought to be triggered by poor lighting. Headache disorders are estimated to cost UK businesses between £5 to £7 billion and 25 million lost working days per year showing the very real detrimental impact they can have on the UK economy.

As the brain processes up to 85% of information via sight, the ability to see properly and have adequate light can help stop headaches and migraines from occurring and LED light panels offers an ideal solution thanks to their even light distribution. The panels are available in a wide range of sizes and colours including cool white, warm white and daylight shades, providing a less harsh and natural looking light source to safeguard the wellbeing of workers.

One of the most popular LED light panel products available from BLT Direct is the V-Tac 40W WIFI Assisted LED Colour Selectable CCT Smart Panel Light.

An innovative, fully smart 600 x 600mm LED panel light that emits 4000 lumens of downward light, this panel benefits from a CCT colour changeable functionality offering a range of colour temperatures from warm white, cool white and daylight settings.

Fully dimmable is compatible with smart home system products such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, this panel also benefits from an approximate 20,000-hour lifespan and can function via a smartphone through the use of the V-Tac smart lighting application.

Quick and easy to install, this product range is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications and shows why LED light panels have become so popular for any business type.

To find out more and to discover the full range of LED light panel products available from BLT Direct, visit https://www.bltdirect.com/