Legal expert, author and property investment guru Julie Condliffe launches free legal consultation helpline for UK landlords

Legal expert, author and property investment guru Julie Condliffe launches free legal consultation helpline for UK landlords

Lawyer, author and property investment expert Julie Condliffe is reaching out to landlords, letting agents and property investors with a free legal consultation helpline to support them with expert legal advice amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

With provisions made by the UK government only assisting tenants in rented accommodation, many landlords have been left significantly out of pocket by unpaid rents and are unsure of what legal steps they are able to pursue in order to regain control of their property portfolios.

Due to her extensive legal expertise and personal experiences, Ms Condliffe recognises that it is not only tenants who are finding it difficult to get by, and hopes to change the conversation around property development by assisting landlords who need help.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly been tough for tenants across the UK, many landlords have voiced concerns that public sympathies and government support has been unfairly weighted towards those living in rented accommodation with little support provided to landlords that often rely on rents as a main source of income.

Not only does Ms Condliffe seek to challenge the notion that landlords are able to weather the Covid-19 without the payment of rents, she has also taken practical steps to help offer timely, relevant and professional legal advice to any UK landlord with a free telephone consultation.

Backed by a team of specialist solicitors at Creative Legals, Julie wants to level the playing field by using her standing within the legal community to champion the creation of a new specialist landlord support system.

The Julie Condliffe free legal consultation helpline is available during the lockdown period from 2 November to 2 December 202 and is designed specifically for landlords, letting agents and property investors to meet the gap in the existing market for targeted legal advice catering to landlords.

Julie Condliffe said, “Although I have experienced homelessness myself in the past, it is apparent that the plight of the average UK landlord is vastly under-represented and many landlords have been left in severe financial distress.

“Government assistance mainly focuses on tenants as the vulnerable party in any dispute and have therefore been provided with some assistance to help them through the pandemic. Yet landlords are in a far less favourable position with minimal assistance offered. I want to encourage landlords who are finding themselves in difficulty to use my free legal consultation helpline that they can engage with the expert team at Creative Legals and discuss their own unique circumstances.

“Every case is different, yet there are always ways through even the darkest and most difficult of problems in the property investment sphere.”

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