Less is more: How tub chairs work alongside the minimalistic trend

Less is more: How tub chairs work alongside the minimalistic trend

With the minimalistic trend in home décor set to continue, UK based company The Tub Collection is enjoying a rise in customer enquiries for its range of trend-setting tub chairs.

With the days of excessive clutter and chintzy home furnishings long gone, UK consumers are leaning towards a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to decorating and furnishing their homes.

The Tub Collection provides a stylish range of fabric and leather tub chairs in a host of colour tones and exciting prints to provide a pop of colour to compliment any space.

Stylish and bold statement pieces of furniture combined with neutral tones on walls are being utilized in homes up and down the country to give a feeling of light and space with great effect.

A few small, complimentary soft furnishings or a wall hanging can then be added to bring the room together without the need for excessive amounts of ornaments or trinkets that would otherwise make the space look disordered or overly busy.

Amelia Crawford, Lead Buyer at The Tub Collection said: ”The tub chair and minimalistic trend work hand in hand. We’ve noticed that our customers are seeking to remove unnecessary furnishings from their homes and instead looking to open-up the space whilst providing a few key focal points.

“Our tub chairs are the ideal solution as they come in a wide range of styles and on-trend prints that really make an impact without being overbearing and bulky.”

The Tub Collection has received much praise from their customers in recent months for providing a good quality product at a reasonable price.

Many customers have commented that their new tub chair has helped transform their living spaces and free up much needed room in their homes.

Commended for their excellent customer service, The Tub Collection offers customers the opportunity to ‘try before they buy’ with fabric swatch samples being readily available to anyone who wishes to upgrade their homes with an affordable and stylish new addition.

Backed with a solid 12-month guarantee and free UK delivery, customers are flocking to the Tub Collection website to breathe new life into their interiors and transform their living spaces.

 For more information about The Tub Collection visit their website at: www.tub-collection.co.uk