Life Story Share offers families the opportunity to record personal histories and deepen family connections

Life Story Share offers families the opportunity to record personal histories and deepen family connections

A revolutionary new service has launched to give families the chance to create a lasting legacy of their loved ones and strengthen family ties with a recorded trip down memory lane.

Life Story Share provides a platform for anyone to record their life story through leading questions to help preserve memories that will last for a lifetime and ensure that poignant and important moments are not lost forever.

A wonderful keepsake and activity for younger generations, Life Story Share starts by sending over an initial list of leading questions designed to ignite memory and recall life events. The person sharing their story will have their answers recorded for the whole family to enjoy for many years.

Once the first set of questions have been answered, a further seven sets are sent out via email for the family members to work through together at their own pace. A bespoke front cover will be designed and the full story can be printed and inserted into the branded luxury A4 file once the process has been completed.

Each question has been thoughtfully chosen to bring memories to the surface and capture the often untold stories that many people have never had the chance or opportunity to discuss before, making Life Share Story an excellent lockdown project. Each section can be completed in person, via telephone or using technologies such as Zoom or Facetime, making it restriction-friendly for families living together or apart.

Life Story Share helps to nurture an insight into personal histories and capture the oral narratives of family members that their loved ones might never have heard before.

A wonderful way to bond with older family members and to get a glimpse of life in bygone days that will be treasured by generations to come.

For those looking to give the gift of family stories, Life Story Share is £49 and makes a unique and thoughtful present. There is an option to upgrade to have your answers proofread and professionally typeset into a book format to share with family and friends as an eBook or as a luxury hardback printed book.

Creator of Life Story Share Nancy Randall said “My own and my husband’s father passed away within six months of each other, and we both regretted not capturing their life stories and preserving their memories.”

“We were determined not to miss out on our mothers’ life stories and created Life Story Share as a way of capturing personal history and involving all of the family. We now have their stories in both folder and book format; a precious keepsake for future generations.”

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