New lifestyle blog offers unique insight to life in Paris for visitors, locals and international expatriates

Life in an unfamiliar city can be as daunting as it is exciting, and with more and more expats seeking new experiences overseas, there has never been a better time for a lifestyle platform which emphasizes all a popular expatriate city has to offer.

Created by Leslie Santiago Montfort, The Non Parisian highlights the lives and passions of newcomers and expats in France’s beautiful cities, with a particular emphasis on Paris, Parisian culture and Parisian experiences – with highlights shared by Parisians and transplants from other countries who have also made Paris their home.

“You often feel like an outsider when you live overseas. It can be difficult to befriend true Parisians, and the culture can seem very alien, even after years. There’s also the language barrier to consider,” says Montfort of the motivation to create the website five years ago. “I searched through the usual blogs, platforms and online communities and I couldn’t find anything which encouraged people to collaborate and discuss their lives in Paris.”

It was then that Montfort took the bold step to build The Non Parisian community herself, and it’s a decision which certainly seems to have paid off.

With an eclectic and enthusiastic blend of non-Parisians and native Parisians contributing content, the close-knit team at The Non Parisian are dedicated to highlighting the very best of Paris living for a growing readership who find their blend of culture, fashion and travel particularly appealing.

Regular features include Paris Profiles, interviewing locals and expats living and working in Paris, and extensive guides to some of the other great cities in France and nearby central Europe.

The website offers not only a portal providing inspiration to foreigners living in Paris, but also plenty for the aspiring Parisian traveler. With insider knowledge on the best places to see, eat and stay, The Non Parisian provides the fast track to staying in France’s capital just like a true Parisian would…

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