Light in the Cloud Founder Reveals Inspiration for Game Changing Start-up Investment Model

Light in the Cloud Founder Reveals Inspiration for Game Changing Start-up Investment Model

Recognising there are thousands of innovations that aren’t realised spurred David Charitos to create a new kind of start-up investment model. Connecting investors with great ideas that haven’t got the necessary support to turn them into a success sets newly launched innovation foundry Light in the Cloud apart from alternatives. The unique, game changing model is set to shake up way investors source and back businesses during the earliest phases.

Charitos said, “There are innovators and creative people around the world that have had a light bulb moment for a product or service that can become a profitable business. But taking an idea and turning it into a business is no easy task. It’s a challenge that seems unsurmountable to many innovators, leading to it never receiving the attention and funding it deserves. Light in the Cloud was set up to fill this vital gap in the market.”

Rather than acting as a business accelerator, Light in the Cloud takes an entirely new approach. Instead of providing support for an inventor whose skills lie in creating, Light in the Cloud takes ownership of the idea, placing it in the capable hands of a team that’s experienced in getting business concepts off the ground. The unique way of working not only benefits the creator, who receives royalties and is free to work on other projects, but the investors too.

Securing finance and making business ideas work is challenging, with many start-ups failing early on. Through having a team of in-house experts that are committed to growing businesses, Light in the Cloud aims to significantly reduce that risk to provide an attractive investment proposition.

Charitos added, “The current start-up investment model means that numerous incredible ideas that have the potential to deliver significant returns are being missed because the innovators don’t have the necessary skills or know how. Light in the Cloud’s way of working means that eager investors have a new way to be part of the fast-paced and thrilling start-up market without having to place their trust in an inventor that doesn’t have a proven track record.”

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