Light Tones and Fabrics Perfect for Giving Homes a Summer Update, Says Tub Collection

Light Tones and Fabrics Perfect for Giving Homes a Summer Update, Says Tub Collection

With the current heatwave set to last through August and into September, the interior design experts at The Tub Collection are recommending light tones and fabrics for homeowners who want to give their rooms a summer update.

Designer furniture manufacturer The Tub Collection has seen a drastic influx in sales of tub chairs with lighter, more airy fabrics and colours. It’s speculated that the searing temperatures that the UK has experienced over the past few months has contributed to this rapid change in tastes.

The Tub Collection’s lead buyer, Amelia Crawford said, “Our customers have enjoyed making the most of the fabulous weather in the UK by updating their interiors with much more summery furniture.”

Crawford also pointed to the unusual longevity of this hot weather as a reason why people are finding an update necessary, adding, “Usually, budding design enthusiasts only change the occasional detail in their homes for a more summery vibe, as the UK’s warm weather can be fleeting. We believe that the guaranteed warmth and a lack of unpredictability in the weather this year has inspired people make more major changes.”

The Tub Collection, which is based in the UK, boast a range of tub chairs with cheerful colours and less heavy textiles. In a time of year where furniture designers get ready for the warmer, more cosy colours of Autumn, The Tub Collection are seeing a trend towards their most summery pieces.

Pastels and florals are perennial summer favourites for furniture; which could explain of tub chairs, such as the Coniston and the Windsor tub chairs from the Tub Collection, are proving popular.

Consumers are also finding it more important than ever to buy affordable pieces for their homes that work well in giving that summer vibe throughout the home.

With the beautiful weather expected to last, those with an eye for decor and home design are seeking out drastic updates they can add to a room to boost its overall appearance and make the most of the longer daylight hours.

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