Lighting experts BLT welcome news that green lighting is booming

Lighting experts BLT welcome news that green lighting is booming

The lighting experts, BLT Direct have welcomed news that the green energy revolution is booming and is inviting consumers to find out more on how they can use energy efficient lighting to help the environment and save money.

Electric lighting has been a big part of our lives for over 150 years, and with continual technological advances made each year, electrical lighting isn’t just safe and convenient, its also much kinder to the natural environment than ever before.

LED lighting has provided modern homes and businesses with fantastic illumination in an energy saving and economical way for many years, providing high energy efficiency that has paved the way for new breakthroughs in green energy solutions for lighting.

With the global LED lighting market set to be worth an estimated $108 billion by 2025, BLT Direct is championing LED lighting for homes due to its longer product life cycle, significantly reduced energy costs and zero maintenance requirements, making it an ideal choice for any home lighting need.

Standard incandescent lightbulbs use just 20 percent of their energy usage to produce light, with the other 80 percent converting into wasted heat. In comparison, LEDs use 100 percent of the electrical energy to produce light, showing that they offer the best solution to energy conservation and significantly reduced energy costs.

BLT Direct director, Steven Ellwood said “The introduction of LED lighting several years ago was a real game changer to the lighting industry and with technology now geared towards greener energy and energy conservation, there’s absolutely no reason that businesses and homeowners can’t take advantage of lower energy bills, superior longevity and help protect the environment at the same time.”

BLT Direct offers a wide range of versatile LED lighting solutions that can turn almost any existing lighting fitting into a low-cost, energy efficient source of light. From living room lamps and kitchen spotlights to fluorescent tubes and outdoor lighting, customers are able to keep energy bills manageable whilst helping to save the environment.

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