LinkIt Offers an Alternative as Cost of Summer Holiday Entertainment Soars

LinkIt Offers an Alternative as Cost of Summer Holiday Entertainment Soars

The school summer holidays are just around the corner and many parents will be thinking about the hit their wallet will take. With research showing the cost of keeping kids entertained throughout the holidays is soaring, new games company PikyKwiky is offering an alternative with their affordable and family-friendly rapid thinking card game launching just in time for the summer.

In a survey, parents estimated they spent over £250 keeping their children entertained over the six week holidays, with usual household outgoings jumping up while the kids are off school too, putting pressure on finances. It’s an issue that parents know well, almost two in five rein in their spending in June to prepare for the holidays, while 9% start saving as far as six months in advance. A third of parents find they blow the budget and have to start making savings in other areas once September comes around. The first product launch from PikyKwiky is LinkIt, a card game that keeps families entertained for hours throughout the summer, saving parents cash.

Sheren Kodsi, Co-founder of PikyKwiky, said, “Every parent knows the challenges of keeping children entertained when they’re off school, especially if they want to monitor screen time, and even the best laid plans can fall to the wayside. For parents looking to cut back on the cost of entertainment, games that the whole family can enjoy again and again are the perfect solution for days and evenings in. LinkIt provides plenty of entertainment packed into a small tin that kids of all ages and parent can enjoy.”

LinkIt is a unique card game where players have to think quickly to identify links between pictures on cards. Providing endless hours of fun, the game is portable too, making it the perfect addition for the car or plane when families are travelling. With the original LinkIt set and the ‘Part of’ theme already launched, three more different sets are already in the works and set to be released soon, adding even more gaming possibilities.

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