Live Patient Communications is Streamlining Healthcare Admin and Reducing Costs

Live Patient Communications is Streamlining Healthcare Admin and Reducing Costs

Investing in live chat software can help save healthcare organisations money, reduce administrative burdens, and improve patient satisfaction, according to experts at Click4Assistance. The market leader has been working closely with a variety of healthcare players to help streamline the way they communicate with patients.

Gary Martin, CEO of Click4Assistance, said, “It’s well-known that the NHS is facing pressure, with budget cuts and increasing demand for services, while struggling to maintain stringent patient standards. From GP surgeries to hospitals, the introduction of live chat can really help improve patient care, reduce costs and cut routine admin tasks.

“Live chat is now a common sight on many websites and consumers often find them a more convenient option when they need assistance. GP surgeries are the perfect example of how the instant communication channel can support a variety of functions. Receptions are typically inundated with phone calls early in the morning, with patients often being left on hold or unable to get through. In contrast, live chat means a single receptionist can handle multiple enquiries effectively without harming the patient experience. Live chat can also act as a simple way to cancel unwanted appointments, follow-up tests, and use pre-defined answers to the most common questions, further reducing the time spent on each enquiry.”

As well as providing critical support for admin staff within healthcare, the inclusion of live chat also plays a role in patient expectations. With more organisations deploying the communication channel, it’s becoming an expected type of interaction, allowing individuals to connect in a way that matches their lifestyle. Investing in the technology needed to build live chat into a healthcare system means that patient satisfaction is given a boost to begin with as they have an extra way to make contact.

From acting as a booking portal where patients can raise queries with staff to delivering wellbeing support services to a targeted group online, the customisable communication tools of Click4Assistance make it a great addition to a variety of organisations with a range of different goals.

One of the NHS organisations that’s benefitted from the services of Click4Assistance is the NHS Vale of York. The clinical commissioning group’s Contact Centre Manager, Danny Young commented, “I’ve been really impressed with the products and its simplicity to use. The support has been fantastic when I have needed assistance or queries answering, I have benefitted from people who take ownership and follow-up personally. I look forward to a longstanding business partnership.”

Critically for healthcare establishments, Click4Assistance ensures that all communication is secure, and the service complies with GDPR.

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