Local Plumbing & Heating Company in Milton Keynes Launches Free Energy Saving Advice Service

Local Plumbing & Heating Company in Milton Keynes Launches Free Energy Saving Advice Service

Milton Keynes-based plumbing and heating company, Grand Union Plumbing & Heating, has announced that it is offering free energy saving advice to people in the local area and will host a workshop early next month to share money saving tips to anyone worried about the cost of heating their homes.

As industry experts, the company has seen an increase of 78% in enquiries from clients wanting to save money on their energy bills in recent months. The free workshop on 08 March for local residents will provide practical and easy advice to help homeowners understand their boiler and how to use it more efficiently.

Grand Union Plumbing & Heating advice has already helped many people to make real savings, with feedback from satisfied clients who say they have been able to save money by following advice such as switching off their immersion heater and using the boiler to provide hot water instead. One local resident reported savings of over £60 per month on their electricity bill by implementing this simple tip.

Another client was struggling to pay their bills and had heard about the “British Gas Money Saving Engineers” advert on the radio which is promoting people to get a quote for a new boiler, as new boilers are more efficient than older models. However, not everyone can afford this option right now. Grand Union Plumbing & Heating believe that savings can still be made even with existing boilers, and therefore is offering its expertise in the form of free energy saving advice.

The company’s workshop aims to offer tailored advice to the different types of heating and plumbing systems in people’s houses, helping them to identify which system they have and how to run them most efficiently. With an increase in enquiries from customers who have read advice online or heard it on the radio but are too scared to change any settings on their boiler or hot water tank, Grand Union Plumbing & Heating no cost assistance can help to drive down costs and has the added benefit of saving energy.

Grand Union Plumbing and Heating’ 27 year-old business owner, Mitchell Moxon is excited to offer this service to the community. “Many people are unaware that immersion heaters can cost around 50p per hour to run on electric, and thus may be unknowingly wasting money,” he said. “We understand that times are tough, and we want to help in any way we can. By providing tailored advice to our customers, we hope to help them reduce their utility bills and lessen their impact on the environment at the same time.”

For more information on the workshop, visit https://grandunionltd.co.uk/free-energy-saving-tips  or https://www.facebook.com/events/6768890416460707/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%%E2%80%A6