Locally Controlled Smart Home Device Mixtile Hub Keeps Home Lives Private Despite Automation After Crowdfunding Success

Locally Controlled Smart Home Device Mixtile Hub Keeps Home Lives Private Despite Automation After Crowdfunding Success

The team behind the problem solving Mixtile Hub are celebrating a product milestone after the innovative device surpassed its crowdfunding goal and is now entering the final days of its campaign. The intelligent gadget makes setting up a smart home simple, providing one convenient place for homeowners to control and automate all their devices, even when they’re from different brands or use various technologies, while delivering exceptional security.

Mixtile Hub set out to raise $25,000 on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, a target that is surpassed with eight days left on its campaign. Having now secured 8% above its original goal, the business is still allowing tech lovers to be part of its launch until the campaign officially draws to a close on March 16 2018. The team behind the business are preparing to ship the very first Mixtile Hubs to the campaign backers, who will be the first to implement the tried and tested technology in their homes.

Martin Liu, Product Manager of Mixtile Hub, said, “We’re thrilled to have reached our crowdfunding target ahead of schedule, demonstrating the demand for a product that solves a common problem when setting up a smart home. We remove the barriers homeowners face when trying to bridge devices, keep track of multiple apps, and create automated routines to make smart homes accessible to everyone. It’s clearly an idea that’s resonated with the public.”

The Mixtile Hub is ready to go in just five minutes and is simple to operate for both new and experienced users. However, it’s the high compatibility of the Mixtile Hub that sets it apart from competitors on the market. Supporting ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other connected devices through plugins it’s the only device homeowners need to automate and control all their smart home gadgets. The open software framework guarantees that future innovation will continue to push the boundaries of what the Mixtile Hub is capable of.

Another area where the Mixtile Hub stands above competitors is its focus on protecting user privacy, a major concern in the digital age. As it’s controlled locally, all data is stored and processed in the hub, as opposed to the cloud. Combined with end to end encryption in addition to standard

SSL, the device offers the ultimate protection for any data, giving homeowners peace of mind as the data can only be recognized by the hub and the selected smartphone, eliminating the risk of hacking.

Liu added, “We’re planning on transforming the fast-growing smart home market. Smart home tech should make every day tasks, from turning on the heating to checking security footage, simple and accessible. But without a single connector to control all the features it quickly becomes a complex chore. The Mixtile Hub provides the essential solution.”

To find out more about Mixtile Hub’s Indiegogo campaign visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mixtile-hub-automate-your-home-in-5-minutes#/